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Name:Anna Johnson
Birthdate:Jul 29
~Player Information~
Name: Nat
Personal Journal: [personal profile] xphoenixrising
Time zone: EST
Contact: | riddlerogue729
Age: Mun and Muse are over 18.
Canon Point: Season 3

~Character Information~
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries [Television Show]
Name: Anna (Given name Annabelle)
Age: Appears to be 16. Actual age 500+
History: Wiki Link

Personality: Anna is, first and foremost, selfish. Selfish with good intentions anyway. She will walk over whomever she needs to to ensure the safety of her loved ones. She's definitely a bit of a Momma's girl (although her mother is now dead). Her mother was her everything and the loss of her is painful. She didn't have much time to be a child, being only in her mid-teens when she was turned into a vampire, and Anna longs for normalcy and to be a regular teenager. Even though she's over 500 years old, she still longs to act 'her age'. Anna is also manipulative and will do whatever it takes to get what she needs done, whether that be kidnapping, killing, or turning people to her complete her ends. When she finds someone she cares about, she cares and when she's spurned, it hits deep.

The front she puts on when interacting with others is one of a slightly weird, nerdy loner girl who says things that come into her head and has some vague, stalkerish tendencies. She comes off as the offbeat high school girl with a love of bad horror movies and a love of books and folklore. The weird kid who'd sit in the back of the classroom that knows all the episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer like the alphabet.

Skills/Abilities: As a vampire, Anna embodies a whole host of strengths. Along with supernatural reflexes (strength and speed), she has the ability to 'compel' others to do her will as long as they aren't wearing or ingesting the herb vervain (verbena). In thanks to a witch, Anna has a ring with a lapis lazuli stone that allows her to walk in the sun. Without the ring, she will burn in the sun and die.

Aside from the sun, Anna's other major weakness is the flower vervain. It's poison if it touches her or if she ingests it. If someone is ingesting it or wearing vervain, she will be unable to compel them. Without regular intake of human blood, Anna will shrivel into something akin to a mummy unless she is fed again. A stake through the heart will kill her (she will not turn to dust, her body will shrivel up).

Drinking human blood is the best kind for a vampire to drink and she will have superior strength compared to a vampire that drinks animal blood. Drinking caffeine will keep her blood 'pumping' through her veins and give her skin an 'alive' like glow that makes it easier to blend in. This also means she's able to ingest human food.

Due to her advanced age, Anna is also stronger than vampires who are younger (for example, even if Damon is bigger than her, she could still very much kick his ass because she is older than he is). In something of the normal realm: Anna's mother was an apothecary and Anna has extensive knowledge of herbal medicines and other uses.

Third Person Sample: Ben being cute wasn't enough to overcome the idiocy that all newborns seemed to have. Was she ever this ridiculous when she was first turned? No, of course not. In my day, children were well behaved in any form. Sure, to some little boy from a small southern town, the ability to get any girl he wanted in bed without drugging them... So to speak. At least she had something to pass the time with.

"I told you, threatening to turn Bennett is useless. You can't be a witch and a vampire," Anna snapped. She turned to look at Ben sulking in his poor man's Tom Cruise sulking way before propping her foot up on the bed so she could tighten the laces of her boots. "We need Elena Gilbert."

She heard the squeak of the mattress as Ben got up and came towards her. "I think you just want to see Jeremy Gilbert --"

Ben didn't have the opportunity to finish because suddenly Anna's hand was around his neck and he was pinned to the wall, the cheap plaster cracking easily under the force of her slamming him against it. The picture on the wall beside his head fell to the ground with a crack and a crash. Black veins rose under her eyes, her pupils reddening. "What I do to get this to work is my business. Remember. Where. You. Stand."
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